Club Coach

CAHC recognizes the need for more consistency and continuity throughout the organization. Our vision is to set in place a Club coach that will help facilitate and work with other coaches at all age divisions.  The ultimate goal is for all coaches and players to have a better understanding and more guidance as to the overall Club philosophy.  First and foremost, the Club coach will be in charge of and act as Head coach of the High School/ 18U division. Responsibilities to this division will include:

  • Participate in as many practices and games as possible throughout the 25 week season (4 weekly practices, approximately 10 WAHL weekends, 3-7 tournament weekends).
  • Formulate daily practice plans and distribute practice plans in a timely manner to the Assistant coaches.
  • Gain an understating of the divisional needs by maintaining an open dialogue with the other coaches.
  • Conduct weekly personal growth and/or chalk talk sessions with the division.

In addition to leading the High School/18U division, other responsibilities of the Club coach will include:

  • Obtain any and all coaching credentials required by USA Hockey and CAHC.
  • Maintain an open dialogue with the Coaching coordinators, Coaching committee, coaches and Team managers throughout the organization.
  • Facilitate monthly (and as needed) coaches and manager meetings in order to share and better educate the Club philosophy of coaching and player development, as well as monitor and facilitate compliance of these philosophies throughout all divisions in conjunction with the Coaching coordinators.
  • Attend some practices and games of lower age divisions in an attempt to understand what growth opportunities are available for those age divisions and facilitate discussion and implementation of those opportunities as appropriate.
  • This position reports directly to the CAHC Board of Directors, is a non-voting member of the Coaching committee, and a voting member of the Discipline committee and the Scheduling committee, with the intent to provide these committees with guidance and direction based on personal hockey and coaching experience.

CAHC understands the tremendous time and energy commitment this role expects. The Board has approved an annual, contracted position in order to help recruit the right candidate. Our vision is for this candidate to maintain this position for a number of years in order to keep building a better culture through Casper Hockey.  If you are interested in becoming the Club coach, please have your application turned in to James Ewald, Dave Solko, or Stuart Youmans no later than March 26, 2018.  Interviews for this position will be held the first week of April, with the anticipated start date of May 1, 2018. Questions regarding the position may be directed to James, Dave or Stuart at the contact information provided below.