Coaching Staff Expectations:

coach_capThe coaching staff of CAHC is chosen with much thought and consideration by our Coaching committee and Coaching coordinator(s) and then voted on by our Board of Directors. Coaches for our organization are volunteers.

All coaching staff are role models for the players they have been selected to coach. Coaching staff members are also ambassadors for the Casper Amateur Hockey Club, the City of Casper, the State of Wyoming, and their teams. The CAHC encourages all staff to be as competitive as possible, but play within the rules of the game.

Staff must encourage and foster safety and respect during all hockey activities. Coaches must understand that they are coaching children and to treat all participants with respect including the opponents and the officials.

Points to remember:
  • Give every player fair treatment and respect
  • Encourage, foster and maintain safety
  • Communicate with a player’s parents if you are having problems with the player
Student coaches

CAHC welcomes players between the ages of 13 and 17 to come and help out as a student coach. USA Hockey has several conditions that must be met in order for a player to act as a Student coach. For more information regarding these USA Hockey conditions, click here to access the Student Coach Regulations.