Welcome to another season of hockey! Please note that a player is not considered registered until all the steps have been completed and a minimum payment as detailed below has been received.

Please note that we encourage your skater to take skating classes prior to registering with CAHC.  Although we do some learn to skate teaching, our program focuses more on teaching hockey skills and your skater would benefit greatly from skating lessons.  Please see the City of Casper Ice Arena website page for skating lessons through the Casper Skating School.

Here is what you need to do to get your player registered:

1. Register your son/daughter as a player with USA Hockey here and complete all four (4) steps. You may want to print out your player’s USA Hockey registration confirmation page with barcode, as you will need your player’s USA Hockey registration number to continue with CAHC registration. 

2. Register your player with CAHC. Click on the link below to access CAHC online Pointstreak registration. …see link below

marker2018-2019 season Registration here. 
Season registration details.
You must print out and complete a copy of the USA Hockey Consent to Treat/Medical History form, USA Hockey Code of Conduct form, and the CAHC Code of Conduct and Waiver & Participation Release Signature form for each player you are registering (please see the three attachments). Hard copies of the three forms must be submitted to CAHC per USA Hockey regulations before yourplayer will be allowed to participate. These documents will also be sent to you in your registration confirmation email following completion of online registration. USA Hockey Consent to Treat/Medical History USA Hockey Code of Conduct Combined CAHC release and Code of Conduct (select open with different viewer and save to your hard drive to access document.)

3. Payment of registration fees. A player is not considered registered until a minimum of the first (1st) installment amount has been received. For your convenience, CAHC offers payment options (cash, check, credit card-Visa, MasterCard) and a structured payment plan. If you have any questions about the payment options, please contact Diane at 307-315-0188 or Please Note: Payment can be made online through your family account at any time, mailed to CAHC (P.O. Box 2562, Casper, 82602), or can be put in the CAHC box in the lobby at the Casper Ice Arena.

A.  Full payment

B.  Payment plan: Please read carefully below about the two different payment options (credit card and check) as there are different payment deadlines!
Payment by check fee schedule*
Payment by credit card fee schedule*
20%     due July 1, 2018 20%     due July 1, 2018
20%     due August 1, 2018 20%     due August 1, 2018
20%     due September 1, 2018 20%     due September 1, 2018
20%     due October 1, 2018 20%     due October 1, 2018
20%     due January 15, 2019 20%     due November 1, 2018
*A late fee of $75 will be charged on July 15, 2018 to all returning skaters (10U, 12U, 14U, 19U Girls, 18U/High School) if the minimum payment (20%) is not received by July 14, 2018.
C. Registration fees per division (based on skater’s age on January 1 of the current year)
First time skater $200 (first time registered for hockey in lifetime regardless of division)
6U $300
8U $300
10U $400
12U $450
Girls 19U $375
14U $475
High School/18U $500
Scholarships are available. For more information regarding scholamarkerrships, please
click here.
markerCAHC reserves the right to disclose player information to other youth hockey associations with respect to the player’s good standing with CAHC.
markerFor more information regarding CAHC, please refer to the
CAHC Handbook.