Age representative and Team manager

Information regarding the Age representative and Team manager roles and responsibilities can be found in the CAHC Handbook.

Scorekeeping and Pointstreak

All games require scorekeeping and it is a great way to learn about the sport of hockey. For our divisions that participate in the Wyoming Amateur Hockey League (WAHL), a statistics program is also used called Pointstreak. WAHL uses Pointstreak Hockey Statistics software to provide up-to-date scores, stats, and schedules. Pointstreak software uses an electronic version of the traditional hockey score sheet, which is instantly broadcasted online. CAHC is required to use a traditional paper score sheet as well as the Pointstreak electronic score sheet for all WAHL games hosted by CAHC. To learn about Pointstreak, please review the Pointstreak tutorial or refer to the WAHL Pointstreak handbook.