Travel Team Tryout Schedule 2018/2019:

All skaters, 10U through HighSchool/18U, that wish to be considered for the Casper Oilers Travel Tournament team for his/her respective division must attend try-outs. In order to try-out for a Travel Tournament team, a player’s registration and account must be current and in good standing and a letter of intent must be submitted.

Try-outs are held during the first few weeks of the season during regular divisional practice times. Evaluators will observe try-outs and evaluate players on their skating ability and hockey skills at each level during the try-out sessions. Evaluators are instructed not to share comments with parents on any player being evaluated. Evaluators are instructed to rate/evaluate players on: skating skills, hockey skills, teamwork and attitude, and situational decision-making.  Try-out sessions will consist of game situation with an emphasis on situational play in scrimmages. A player’s ability to perform during the scrimmages will be a vital part of the team selection process. After the evaluation process, the evaluators will meet to discuss the team selections and roster announcements will be posted on the rink lobby bulletin board and/or sent to the division by email. Any parent who has a concern with the selection process should contact the respective Coaching Coordinator